Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to our New Blog!

We started this blog as a service to the community. Within our hospital, we have 5 Core Values that drive us to be the best providers of veterinary emergency and critical care medicine in the Pacific Northwest. One of our core values is "Education" and it states: "We recognize the importance of continual learning and provide educational opportunities for the veterinary community, the public, & our team."
Because we also value our community and want to return the generosity they show us daily, we've decided to begin this blog. With weekly posts, our goal is to provide people with valuable information to help protect the health of their beloved pets. We also hope to be a resource for the veterinary community, as well as provide a window into the world of veterinary emergency medicine and pet care in general. We will share the touching success stories of incredible patients that stay in our hospital, great informational links related to our weekly topics, and anything else you need to know. We are always intersted in what our clients want to know to better help them care for their animal family members.
Although most of our articles will be written by our Medical Director, Dr. Beth Davidow DVM DACVECC, our entire staff has jumped on board. You will be meeting many of us throughout the coming weeks, and we look forward to serving you.
For more about ACCES, our doctors and staff, and our Core Values, visit

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