Friday, November 4, 2011

Sadie Finds Her Way Home – When Microchips Do Their Job

We have all heard the tales of a lost pet making an amazing journey back home after having been missing for months on end. ACCES is happy to share a similar tale a little more close to home; that of Sadie the cat.

An older female cat had been seen hanging around a Capital Hill neighborhood for several months. One day, she was discovered to be not walking, and it was presumed that she had been hit by a car. The Good Samaritan who found her presented her to the ACCES Seattle emergency hospital for care where she she was found to be in shock and to have a broken pelvis.

It is important to note that when a stray animal without a collar arrives at ACCES the first thing that is done is scan them for a microchip. Luckily, the injured cat had a microchip and we were able to quickly find the owner’s contact information. We soon learned that the cat’s name was Sadie and she had been missing for four (4) months! The owners were thrilled Sadie was found and authorized the surgery Sadie needed to fix her pelvis.

Sadie is now doing well and is happy to be back with her people. Her story reminds us all of the importance of microchips. A microchip should be considered for any pet; outdoor, especially, or indoor. One never knows when a pet may get out of the yard or house and get lost.  In Sadie’s case, she had traveled more than five (5) miles (see map below).

All local shelters and many veterinary hospitals have microchip scanners on-hand. If you find a lost pet, bring them in to one of these locations. Who knows. You may unite a long lost pet with its owners.

Sadie's Journey

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